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The ALPS Global Holding Berhad (ALPS) Group of companies, is a fully-integrated biotechnology research, medical and wellness services company. ALPS’s business focus is on the perception that the use of human cells as therapeutic entities will drive one of the next most important phases in medicine and wellness.

ALPS Today

Today, ALPS has evolved into a modern, preferred Asia Pacific destination for medical tourism providing specialized boutique anti-aging medical and wellness centre for today’s modern consumer seeking to look and feel good, aesthetically, and medically for posterity. Driven by its Head Office in Kuala Lumpur, ALPS’s core service centres are the ALPS Medical Centre in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District and a ALPS Wellness and Anti-Aging Centre in the cool internationally renowned highlands resort of Genting Highlands. 

They cater to local and international clientele which has been growing significantly in recent years due to the quality of services supported by a good marketing network locally and overseas taking advantage of the growth of Malaysia as a medical tourism venue.

News & Update


The future is exciting for ALPS and its clientele. ALPS through the establishment of an international network of professional providers, suppliers and supporting services will ensure its international clientele base will have access to state of the art, wellness and anti-aging products and services. Already in the development stage are in house laboratories to produce autologous stem cells and the establishment of an international Research and Development Hub of renowned scientists and institutions involved in stem cell and related research.

To fund this exciting future, initial private equity investment funding process is already in progress and ultimately, an initial public offering (IPO) of ALPS on one of the main bourses will bring ALPS to greater heights.


ALPS Medical Centre

TMC Global Holdings Sdn Bhd (Menara See Hoy Chan, Kuala Lumpur) manages ALPS Medical Centre. Opened in February 2015. It provides medical diagnostic and treatment services. Our facilities, which offers comfort and modern equipment, and our strategically located Medical Centre, which is easily accessible. Our relentless pursuit to help people live a better quality life through our products and treatments, always putting safety, quality and efficacy as our top priority.


MyGenome is a biotechnology company under ALPS Global Holding Berhad (ALPS) specialising in Precision Medicine to provide in-house molecular genomic tests, utilising cutting edge techniques of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Digital Gene Platform, Microarray, Real-Time & Standard PCR. Our services include a range of genetic profiles on liquid biopsy to assess the risk of diseases at molecular level for cancers, cardiac and metabolic genetic, neurogenetic , pharmacogenetic, inherited diseases, wellness and fitness related diseases etc.


Celestialab Sdn. Bhd. is a biotechnology company under ALPS Global Holding Berhad (ALPS) specializing in Preventive Medicine to produce GMP-grade cellular products for therapy. The cellular products including mesenchymal stem cells, dental pulp stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. These stem cells served as a potential agent in the field of regenerative medicine, especially in anti-aging and cartilage regeneration. Apart from that, these stem cells also hold promising potential effects in treating various types of detrimental disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases.

Celestialab Sdn. Bhd. is supported by a team of local and international outstanding and experienced scientists and researchers in the field of regenerative medicine. We aim to provide premium-grade cellular products to serve the BEST of your health.

ALPS Wellness Centre

ALPS Wellness Centre Sdn Bhd (ALPS Wellness Centre, Genting Highlands) & (ALPS Medical Clinic, Genting Highlands) provides wellness and anti-aging services to International clients, especially for Medical Tourism.

ANH Healthcare

An innovative Healthcare Management programme that offers cutting-edged DNA & mRNA Sequencing Technologies to our members at molecular levels that enable powerful insights into our health, both now and into the future. We are a leader in pioneering Precision Medicine and Advance Cellular Therapy to maintain health & combat diseases.

Célebre Pro Medic

Célebre Pro Medic is one of the leading company of stem cell supplements in the market. With many years of experience with our partners, we are here to help treat degenerative diseases, improve health and delay aging. Our products repair damaged and aging organs and tissues. Our products have many health benefits, attested in clinical studies and also certified by scientific community. Our products have highest quality, they are manufactured according to many high safety standards.

ALPS Globemedic

ALPS Globemedic Sdn Bhd serves as the Business Centre division of ALPS’s Healthcare services to niche and premium corporate clientele and international agents in Asia regions.

The ALPS Global Holding Berhad (ALPS) Group of companies, is a fully-integrated biotechnology research, medical and wellness company. ALPS’s business focus is on the perception that the use of precision and preventive medicine as therapeutic entities will drive one of the next most important phases in medicine and wellness.