This South African Biotech Company is Changing Lives

 Through its medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.

As the first entity in South Africa to have both medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing licenses, Cilo Cybin makes products backed by scientific research, innovation and commitment to quality. In a burgeoning marijuana market, meet the founder dedicated to harnessing the plant’s therapeutic properties for better health, sleep, pain relief and overall well-being. 

Gabriel Theron is the founder and CEO of Cilo Cybin, a biohacking, biotech and pharmaceutical methodologies company that delivers holistic health solutions. The company leads the way, utilising innovative technologies, apps, devices, supplements and medication to enhance performance and promote longevity. 

Theron is an entrepreneur with a keen interest in turnaround projects and founded his company in 2018 to promote and enhance people’s lives – mentally and physically. 

Its focus is primarily on manufacturing medical-grade cannabis flowers and was recently backed by the Malaysian biotechnology firm ALPS Global Holding Berhad (ALPS). 

Inc.Africa interviewed Theron to discover more about what this partnership entailed and how Cilo Cybin, together with ALPS, can improve healthcare. 

What does the ALPS and Cilo Cybin partnership mean for healthcare?

A new chapter for cannabis is our main goal, targeted toward the clinical development of medicine for Parkinson’s disease and others. A preclinical and clinical trial for the disease is being planned.

Describe the current landscape of personal healthcare

The current landscape of personal healthcare is marked by a growing emphasis on personalised medicine and genomics, mental health and preventive care, and wellness.

Personalised medicine leverages advances in genomics and genetic testing to tailor-make treatments and preventive strategies according to an individual’s unique genetic makeup, improving the management of chronic conditions and rare diseases. 

Mental health awareness has expanded, with digital platforms and services making mental health treatment more accessible and reducing stigma. Preventive care and wellness focus on maintaining overall health through lifestyle changes, including healthy eating, regular exercise and stress management.

Cilo Cybin is a drug development company specialising in the cannabis sector and has plans to explore future opportunities in psychedelic drugs. Our focus lies in addressing mental health conditions by developing novel therapeutics using these emerging compounds. 

ALPS, on the other hand, is a clinical trial and genomics company facilitating the development of personalised medicine strategies. By partnering with innovative companies like Cilo Cybin, ALPS plays a crucial role in bringing groundbreaking treatments to market by providing clinical trial support and utilising genomic data to optimise treatment efficacy. 

Together, Cilo Cybin and ALPS aim to enhance personal healthcare and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the healthcare landscape, particularly in mental health and personalised medicine.

ALPS Global has several companies geared towards revitalising humanity. These companies are MyGeneomeCelestialabALPS Medical and ALPS Wellness Centre and Vax Biotech

What are ALPS’ stem cell initiatives, and which diseases do they aim to treat?

The initiatives established a cGMP facility for umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Currently, dental pulp stem cells and exosome production are in the pipeline. 

Conditions aimed at are frail care, diabetes, fertility, stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, heart failure and wellness.

What have your biggest insights been along your journey?

Throughout my journey of building Cilo Cybin – from an idea to the leading fully integrated medical cannabis company in South Africa – I have gained some important insights. 

One of the most significant lessons I have learnt is the importance of perseverance. I faced numerous obstacles along the way, but by staying focused and pushing through, I achieved my goals.

Another key insight I gained is the value of patience. Building a successful business takes time and requires a lot of hard work. I learnt to be patient and trust the process, even when things didn’t seem to be going as planned.

Trusting my gut has also been crucial to my success. There were times when I had to make tough decisions, and I learnt to rely on my instincts to guide me in the right direction. This helped me make the right choices and avoid costly mistakes.

Finally, I learnt that employing the right team is essential for success. I surrounded myself with talented and dedicated individuals who share my vision and are committed to helping me achieve my goals. Together, we built a company that is making a significant impact in the medical cannabis industry in South Africa.

Source: Inc.Africa