Jointly build a new highland for medical and health tourism

News from our newspaper On June 9, the 2023 RCEP Local Government and Sister City Cooperation (Huangshan) Forum opened in our city. The Huangshan Life Science Foundation launched the activity of “Huangshan International Reception Room—Huangshan Discussion on Health” in this forum. The theme of this forum is “Focusing on Life and Health and Seeking Regional Development Together”. This is a series of “Discussion on Health” activities initiated by Huangshan Life Science Foundation after the “Huangshan Discussion on Health” forum initiated at the Second China (Huangshan) Xin’an Medical Development Conference.

Government officials, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from RCEP member states discussed how entrepreneurs see RCEP opportunities, RCEP national local governments and sister cities jointly build a new highland for medical health tourism, RCEP national local governments and sister cities jointly build medical health Three forums and exchange meetings were held on the three themes of the Yangtse Tourism Demonstration Cluster.

A grand event builds a platform and drives an industry. Thai Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Kokoyan said in his speech that the Thai government attaches great importance to promoting all-round cooperation with Chinese provinces, including Huangshan City in Anhui Province, in medical care, health care and tourism. The Thai government is willing to join hands with the Anhui provincial government to build a new highland of medical and health tourism with other countries, so as to further benefit the people of all countries. Wei Jiaxiang, president of the Malaysian Chinese Association, pointed out in his speech that Huangshan has magnificent mountains and hot spring scenic spots, which are very suitable as an important base for medical and health tourism. Therefore, Malaysia and China can strengthen cooperation and exchanges in medical treatment and health care tourism. At the same time, they hope to vigorously cultivate medical talents, promote technological innovation of enterprises, and jointly discuss cooperation in projects combining government, industry and education. Hu Weixing, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Macau, said that new growth points should be found in the fields of tourism, medical care and health care. Without damaging the environment and being able to achieve the “double carbon” goal, Huangshan can give full play to its advantages and discuss new development models with local governments in other countries, so that the two sides can complement each other’s advantages and establish new growth points for tourism, health care and social development.

Liu Tongzhu, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, pointed out that Huangshan is positioned as an ecological, international, world-class leisure and vacation destination city, and is currently making large-scale plans to help the life and health industry to flourish and develop healthily. International Hospital is welcome to take root in Huangshan and combine Huangshan’s resource advantages to establish a high-end medical and health tourism resort.

A total of 3 strategic cooperation agreements were signed at the event site. Tainanrong Group signed a cooperation agreement with Huangshan Life Science Foundation to jointly promote the construction and development of the field of big health; Sichuan Provincial Big Health Industry Association signed an agreement with Huangshan Life Science Foundation. Jointly build a research institution, carry out research transformation in the fields of reproduction, immunity, general health, and microecology, and jointly build a key laboratory to promote the development of health in Anhui, Sichuan and Chongqing; Malaysia ALPS Medical Center signed a contract with Shanghai Moge Biology to jointly invest in the construction of Huangshan Medical Health care industry.

Translated from: HS Daily