2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit

Selection for Pitch Malaysia USA Series

ALPS has been selected to participate in the Pitch Malaysia USA Series, which will take place at Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley from 01-06 May, 2023.

SelectUSA Investment Summit is dedicated to connecting early-stage and startup tech companies to prospects for advancement in the U.S. market. High-growth international startups seeking to expand in the United States can take advantage of several services and opportunities provided by SelectUSA.

The start-ups are able to network with over 3,000 economic development organizations, international companies, venture capitalists, corporate investors, federal, state, and local government representatives. Early-stage tech companies from across the world will have the opportunity to exhibit their products and to pitch in front of a panel of judges.

ALPS believes to have the potential to make valuable contributions to this program and to benefit greatly from the experiences.